How are my Sotto il Soles made? 

Our sandals are crafted with love using the centuries-old technique of the Capri cobblers. We source all of our leather from a family-run operation in Naples, Italy, where each sole and strap is handmade and stitched by experts following designs inspired by urban life.


What happens if I need to repair my Sotto il Sole sandals? 

Our sandals are made using fine Italian leather, making them durable and long-lasting. But life (and plenty of dancing) can take its toll on shoes. Regular cobblers may not have the specialist skills to fix your sandals. If your sandals require maintenance or repair, we’d be happy to mend them for a small fee. Contact us at info@sottoilsole.co, and in no time you’ll have them back as good as new. We'll even cover the shipping! We’re nice like that.


I want to clean my Sotto il Sole sandals. Can I put them in the washing machine? 

You could, but we don’t advise it! Instead, we suggest using a damp cloth and letting them dry out completely before you wear them, to show your sandals a little love.


I bought seven pairs in yellow, but I just remembered I hate yellow...  

Hey, it happens! We'll happily swap out strap colors for a low fee. Visit the Contact Us page to get in touch and tell us how we can help. 


What are my sandals made from? And where do your materials come from? 

Sotto il Sole sandals are all made from lamb and goat leather sourced from the rolling hills of Italy. We work with a small manufacturer in Naples who produces all of our straps and soles to order. Full disclosure: our snake skins styles are made from printed leather rather than actual snake. It’s far more durable and gives us greater freedom with color varieties. The end product speaks for itself.  


My sandals are a bit tight. Should I have them adjusted, or will they stretch? 

Yes, they will stretch a little over time. They should be snug at first but not painful. If your foot is turning blue, you should probably return them to us to be loosened. Style is important, but it’s not worth losing a toe over.


The soles of my new sandals are a little slippery, what should I do? 

Wear them outside once. The natural leather sole will gain some traction with just one wear. Or if you prefer, we can add rubber soles to your sandals for a small fee. The custom sole will be matched to the leather and applied by one of our expert cobblers, so you’ll never notice a difference. Alternatively, you could take it to your local shoe repair shop, but there's no guarantee the rubber will match.


Do you ever have new colors?

Hell yes! We’re introducing fresh new colors all the time. Sign up to our mailing list stay up to date on limited edition colors and new releases. If you have a suggestion for a color you haven’t seen yet, let us know here. We’d love to hear your ideas!


When will my sandal order arrive?

Once you place your order, our cobblers will start working on your sandals right away. Normally we’ll have your order to you within a week. If there are any special circumstances that would cause your order will take more time, we’ll notify you straight away.

Can I mix colors?

Why not? Go crazy! All of our sandal styles can be made with two colors–and some even three. Let us know what you want, and we’ll try our best to make it a reality.

Can you make a custom design?

We’re happy to try! Send us your vision, and we'll let you know what’s possible. Let’s get creative together.


Do you offer exchanges?

If it’s not love at first sight, we can swap out colors on unworn sandals within 10 days of receiving them. After 10 days we can change colors for a fee. If you're not happy with the style you ordered and you’re not satisfied with an exchange, contact us and we'll do whatever we can to make you happy.

Can I send you my measurements to get a better fit?

Check out the Your Fit page and answer a few questions, send us some pictures and give us any other info you think we might need! We'll call or email you if we need anymore information. If we don't get your fit right the first time, don't worry! We offer free adjustments for the first 14 days you have your sandals, and free shipping for their round trip journey!


Do you keep my measurements and adjustments on file?

Absolutely. The more information we have on your feet the better! Our goal is to get you a perfect fit every time, so it helps to have as many details as possible. Think of your first pair as a first date - we’ll get to know you from there.


 Help! My boyfriend keeps stealing my Sotto il Sole sandals. Do you make shoes for men? 

Sit tight, guys. We’re working on developing a men’s range of sandals that delivers the same blend of handmade Italian quality with a fresh, modern style.




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We know shoe shopping online can be a little overwhelming, but remember it's our job to make sure your sandals fit! 

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